I Can't Get Placed in My Dreams Comedy Short-Film on youtube.com and Funny or Die.

Comedy - From the directing duet of Benjamin Lindemuth-McRobie and Mike Ritzenberg (www.mygodbrother.com) is the uproarious funny short-film I Can't Get Laid within My Dreams on YouTube and Comical or Perish.

Comedy - suppose that you had issues courting in real life? Now imagine if you couldn't even get placed in your goals!?! That's the comedy trip of Benjamin Lindemuth-McRobie's character "Sean" in I Can't Get Set in My Own Goals. Seeking council from his buddy/expert "Chris", played by Sam Ritzenberg, Sean is persuaded that Bob can coach him into getting placed in his desires. Chris uses various strategies while Sean is resting to induce a number of comedically sexual characters in Sean's dream world. His jokes include hosing him down with Axe Body spray, lighting a room full of candles, and offering him a brow massage, all to no avail as nightmares from Sean's past keep haunting his desires and taking apart his precious chances of getting laid.

I Can't Get Placed in My Desires is aimed by Mygodbrother, (Coachella Count-Down, Hot or Displaced, and STuK- that was optioned in 2012 by Cbs.com, and made by company-creator of "Workaholics," Dominic Russo. Other actors include sketch comedian Tony Cavalero (Modern Family, Adam Devine's House party, and 2 Broke Girls). Produced by Mygodbrother and Chris Osborn (Divorcing Jesus, Exists, The Vampire Diaries). I Can't Get Laid in My Dreams is a comedy short film which has been featured on YouTube and Humorous or Die.